Our promise to you: $1 handling fee per order. No storage costs. No contracts. No monthly minimums. No hidden fees. Run by a former eCommerce store owner, LC Fulfillment understands the importance of putting customers first and allowing small businesses to save money.

How does it work?

You send your inventory straight to our warehouse in Los Angeles, California. We count and store it. Then we ship out your orders within 24 hours, even on weekends. We process returns for free and don't charge extra for packages containing more than one product. Rest easy knowing any dip in your orders will not result in us charging you extra. There is no minimum requirement for orders made per month.

What's the cost?

We charge a flat fee of $1 per order fulfilled. It doesn't matter how many items are included in the order, that price remains $1. We cover basic packing materials, but you can pay extra for specialized or custom packing. There are no storage fees.

How long does shipping take?

We ship via USPS, FedEx and UPS. Our processing time is 24 hours. The shipping time for the cheapest shipping option (USPS First Class Parcel Service) is 7 days or less domestically, and 14 days or less worldwide. Customers receive tracking right when their order is fulfilled.

Ready to start?

Call us at 310-857-2049 or email info@lcfulfillment.com. Please be prepared to give a brief description of the product(s), the exact weight of the product(s) and an estimate of how much inventory you will send in your first batch. We look forward to working with you!